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Guangzhou cibo diesel auto part company Factory Production Line

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  • Guangzhou cibo diesel auto part company Factory Production Line
  • Guangzhou cibo diesel auto part company Factory Production Line
  • Guangzhou cibo diesel auto part company Factory Production Line


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Guangzhou cibo diesel auto part company factory production line 0
Guangzhou cibo diesel auto part company factory production line 1
Guangzhou cibo diesel auto part company factory production line 2
The company's quality management system   quality system     general   rules     based on: "Safety Protection Engineering Technical Specifiions" (GB50348, 2004) and "Quality Management System Standards" (GB/T19001, 2000) and relevant laws and regulations of the state and Henan Province, related management regulations, technology Documents, product management documents, etc.  The principle of the top management responsibility system: the corporate legal person or top management is responsible for the entire process of project planning, fund raising, design and construction, maintenance, debt repayment and asset value preservation and appreciation.  
Confidentiality principle: Security engineering enterprises should abide by national laws and regulations on secrecy and safety, and should conduct confidentiality eduion for personnel involved in security design and construction, and make a commitment: to keep confidential the information and data of the construction unit related to the security system.   points  then  1 purchase  Security engineering companies should understand the relevant regulations of security products and the 3C China National Compulsory Product Certifiion alog and market conditions before purchasing. The equipment used in the safety precaution system must meet the requirements of national regulations and current relevant standards, and be inspected or certified.  2 Engineering design and development  Design and development principles: The design and development of safety protection engineering should follow the following principles:  (1) The protection level of the system is compatible with the risk level of the protected object.  (2)  Combination of technical defense, physical defense, and civil defense, coordination of detection, delay, and response. (3) Satisfy the requirements of protection depth, balance and resistance to fragility.  (4) Meet the safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements of the system.  (5) Satisfy the reliability, maintainability and maintenance requirements of the system.  
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(6)  Meet the system's advanced, compatibility and scalability requirements.  (7) Satisfy the economic and applicability requirements of the system. 3 Engineering construction and quality control  (1) The internal designers and construction personnel of the security engineering enterprise must make a comprehensive technical disclosure, and the construction organization plan, construction schedule and staffing table must be formulated, and they must be adjusted at any time according to the actual situation on the spot, which guarantees The construction progress and project quality did not cause waste. Important construction matters should be clearly recorded in the construction log.  (2)  Must strictly implement the mandatory provisions of GB50348,2004 , that is, the construction of the project should be carried out in accordance with the formal design documents and construction drawings, and should not be changed at will. If it is necessary to make partial adjustments and changes, it is necessary to fill in the "change review form", or the change form provided by the supervision unit, and the construction can be carried out after approval.  (3) The mandatory provisions of GB50348,2004  must be strictly implemented, and the on-the-job acceptance of concealed works should be done during construction. When laying pipelines, the construction unit or supervision unit shall, together with the design and construction unit, carry out on-the-job inspection and acceptance of the pipeline laying quality, and fill in the "Concealed Works On-the-job Acceptance Form" or the concealed works on-the-job acceptance form provided by the supervision unit.  (4)  The equipment, materials and software must be inspected and accepted in accordance with the requirements of the contract technical documents and engineering design documents, and there should be written records and signatures of participants.  (5) The pipeline laying of the safety protection system should be implemented in accordance with the relevant content of GB50303 "Construction Quality of Building Electrical Engineering   Acceptance Specifiion", and records should be kept.  (6)  Perform self-inspection on the equipment and system, and keep the self-inspection test record.  4 Engineering inspection and acceptance  (1) After the commissioning of the security system, a trial operation must be performed for one month, and the "System Trial Operation Record Form" must be filled in.  (2) After the completion of all security projects, the construction unit must organize the relevant departments to accept the project, and issue a preliminary inspection report after passing the project. The main contents are: system trial operation overview; compared with the requirements of the design task book, the system function
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Subjective evaluation of performance and effect inspection; the result of checking the quantity and model of the installed equipment against the formal design documents; the result of the review of the on-the-job acceptance sheet of the concealed project, etc.  (3) The competent authority clearly stipulates that the projects that must be accepted by the statutory agency and the construction unit requires the statutory agency to accept the project, the security engineering enterprise must cooperate with the construction unit to carry out the relevant acceptance, if there is a problem, solve it in time to ensure that the acceptance is qualified. (4) The inspection of the safety protection project shall be implemented by the statutory inspection agency.  (5)  For the inspection of the main equipment in the system, simple random sampling should be used for sampling; the sampling rate should not be less than 20% and no less than 3; when the equipment is less than 3, 100% inspection


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